Her Jaunty Tune,  a Berkeley, California-based business, is dedicated to the proposition that power and its concomitant, joy, are born first in the imagination and that, because the very stuff of consciousness—words, images, symbols and stories—is infinitely malleable, freedom is our natural state.  Madly in love with language, movement and humor, Her Jaunty Tune provides instruction that seeks to balance precision and play.  Recognizing shadows to be insubstantial yet lovely, Her Jaunty Tune invites easeful encounter with suppressed parts of our being and delightedly reveals to any who feel imprisoned in body, mind or spirit the vast prerogatives they already enjoy.

Her Jaunty Tune provides healing attention, guidance and support to individuals suffering from ailments and injuries not readily remedied by conventional means. 

Write Makes Might which provides creative writing coaching, academic instruction, writing services and editorial assistance is a division of Her Jaunty Tune.

Productive Slumber which provides dream interpretation, dream-based guidance and classes on dreaming is a division of Her Jaunty Tune.

Lael Gold, Ph.D. is the creator and proprietor of Her Jaunty Tune.